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We've been on the plane for over two hours, and half the people here are asleep, including Ringo. Haha. I knew that because he was resting on my shoulder. It was so cute. Back to the topic here, everyone was pretty content. Paul and George were at the round table playing cards. John and Brian were talking about upcoming plans once we arrive in the U.S. As you already know, Ringo was asleep on my shoulder, while I was drawing on my sketch pad.

Eventually, one of the reporters got up to go to the bathroom. She had short reddish hair, and glasses. She was wearing a business uniform. As she walked down the aisle, she noticed me. "Having fun with Ringo there?" She giggled.

"Huh?" I blushed a bit, "Oh, no. He just fell asleep on my shoulder is all." For all I know, she could be making a front page article on how I seduced Ringo or something. That's just what I need, not.

"Oh alright," she laughed. Then she looked down, seeing what I was up to. "Whoa, that's some artwork! Mind if I get a picture?" The reporter took out the camera from her bag and removed the lens cap.

"Not at all," I agreed smiling. I held up the picture towards her; then click! The flash went off. She thanked me, walking away to the restroom. That was quick. No what are you doing here? Or are you two together? I guess she wasn't as nosey as the other reporters. Lucky me!

About an hour later on the plane, just when I finished up my drawing, Paul invited me to the back. "Hey, Lauren, come hang out in the back with us!" He smiled, waving me over.

"Alright," I said. I got up, trying not to wake up Ringo. Then, I put my things away so I wouldn't lose them. Just as I headed over to the back, I saw little Ringo's head fall over onto my seat. He woke up a bit, not knowing what happened. I couldn't help but laugh.

When I got to the back of the plane, I sat down next to Paul, who was winning against George in Black Jack. They asked if I wanted to play, but I said I would rather watch them. John soon joined us as well. The three of them were going at it. Each of them one a few games here and there, yet there was no clear card shark in the group. Later into the game, we all began to chatter around.

"So, Lauren," John began, "How old are you, like twenty-two, twenty-three?" They were assuming that I was around their age because I was in the Cavern, not to mention my behavior.

"Actually, I'm fifteen," I replied nervously. I was waiting for something big to happen. Surprisingly, they took it quite well.

"Really?" Paul asked. "You seem so mature for your age. We all thought you were older!" He went back to shuffling the cards.

Then John added in, "Hey, we like younger women." Being such a nice fifteen year old, I kicked his leg from under the table. "Ow! I was kidding," he yelled.

"Yeah, sure," George said. That's the first time he's really said anything, so I decided to use it to my advantage. I laughed, covering my mouth as usual. George turned giving a slight smile, but then reverted back to the game.

"So you guys have two albums out right? When will the next one be out?" I said curiously.

"No clue yet," Paul answered, putting down some cards. "Don't worry, I'll make sure to grab you a copy." He chuckled.

"Really? That would be great!" I said happily.

"And if you're super nice, I'll even sign it for ya!" John exclaimed; it even woke up Ringo. So I kicked him again. "Bloody hell that hurts!"

You could hear Ringo laughing from his seat. Paul and I were chuckling along. At that moment, George got a bit upset again, trying to focus on the game instead. Was he jealous of Ringo perhaps? I don't know… John was being witty as usual…

After a while, I headed back to my seat next to Ringo. "Enjoy playing cards with everyone?" He asked, giving an interested look.

"Oh, I didn't actually play. We just talked. They were talking about how I'm fifteen," I explained.

He became confused, "Wait, you're fifteen?" Someone was shocked. Haha.

"Yeah… Is that a problem?" I said cutely. This made him go crazy. I guess I can go all Paul on guys. Genius!

Ringo face was flushed. "N-no, not at all," he stuttered. I giggled at it, and he just looked away towards the window. Soon he mustered up the courage to ask, "Hey Lauren. About the interview with the reporter, did you really mean it when you said you wish you were one of our boyfriends'?"

Oh crap, I thought. I was pleaded to god that none of them would bring that up. I started to get stubborn, "Who wouldn't? I mean, you guys are The Beatles! Anyone girl would wish that!"

"Oh, okay," He kind of seemed a tad dissatisfied with my answer, yet also somewhat hopeful. "Are you sure?" He smirked, gently wrapping his fingers around my hand.

I gulped. "U-Uhh, umm, I guess." I was pretty much speechless. It was actually quite unexpected. I mean, I was hoping that he may like me, but now if he did… it was even more obvious.

He turned away saying softly, yet in a jokingly manner, "You're so cute."

That's when I almost exploded. I didn't being the mature girl I am, plus I didn't want to get on anyone's bad side. Especially George's. Though I didn't do anything this time, he still gave me this look, all thanks to Paul.

"Pssst George, looks like Ringo is putting the moves on Lauren," he whispered, nudging his arm. Then he pointed over in my direction.

George looked over, followed by saying to Paul, "Humph, good for him. It's about time." That made me from feeling like I was on cloud nine to being down in the dumps. It's like that as soon as that concert was over, and I've been tagging along with the Beatles, George has been so distant.

I decided to do something about it. First, I had to get away from Ringo. I slowly let go of his hand, "Excuse me for a moment." Next I got up from my seat, proposing Paul to follow me. We sat at the round table, trying not to get any attention. . .

While we were in the back, the two boys were talking to each other. "So, you like Lauren, huh?" George asked with seriousness in his eyes.

"Actually, I am," Ringo replied cheerfully. "I just can't help but be happy around her."

The young guitarist's face moved closer to the drummer's across from him. He had a sneered look. "Well I suggest that you watch out, because other people will be after her."

"George, don't worry, I'll protect her," Ringo reassured him. "Stop being such a worrywart!" He made a face to try to cheer him up.

He chortled, turning his gaze back to the plane window. He mumbled to himself, "That went right over your head Rings."

"So, why are we back here?" Paul McCartney asked me. He was sitting all innocently at the round table.

"I have to ask you something important Paul," I said back, twiddling my thumbs.

That statement went completely misunderstood. "I love you too!" He blurted jokingly. Right after that Paul gave me this dreamy look to make it look more convincing.

I crossed my arms over my chest, leaning back on the chair, "That's not what I meant Paul. I was talking about George's behavior."

He rubbed his hand behind his head as he smiled at me. "Sorry, Laur. I'm just kidding. Uh, George has seemed fine to me. Why do you ask?"

"Oh no reason," I responded. "Just curious."  I completely lied.

Before Paul had the chance to further question me, the pilot came over the loudspeaker saying to buckle up. It was almost time to land. So to avoid him, I just raced back to my seat and fastened my seat belt. I thought that Ringo was going to ask about what was going on in the back, but luckily he didn't. Instead, he was taking tons of pictures with his camera along with John.

"Smile!" John shouted looking back at us with his camera. The two of us grinned.

The first picture of me and my idol, I thought.

Right after the photograph was taking, Brian Epstein got furious at John. "Lennon, sit down! This plane will be landing at any moment!"

Pouting, John turned around, plopping in his seat. I could overhear Mr. Epstein continue to criticize John even after he sat down. It was hilarious! Ringo and I were laughing like all hell broke loose.

Not before long, the plane landed at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport. You could hear the hundreds of thousands of fans screaming from the runway. Everyone looked out the window, in shock with the amount of people there.

While we were still in the plane, Brian explained that there would be police all over the place and how I should follow him along with the reporters to avoid any attention. So the boys headed out first, waving to all the high-pitched fans. They took a few pictures and then headed towards the cars that were heading to the hotel. I saw numerous fans crowding the car, trying to come in contact with them. It was scary, how girls got around these guys. When I came out of the jet with Brian, no one gave a damn about us. I figured that.

During the drive to the hotel, I was squished between the woman reporter that talked to me earlier, and this random guy. I could barely move an inch either way, because of how tiny the automobile was.

"Oh, miss," the lady got my attention. "I was talking to the editor of the paper that I work for, and he would love to put that picture of you and your art in tomorrow's paper!"

"Oh my god, really?!" I exclaimed. This could be my big break. "That's wonderful! Thank you so much, Ma'am!"

"It's no problem," she smiled. "You can call me Liz."

I shook her hand firmly. "Okay then. It's been nice to do business with you Liz."

My day was virtually made.

Just to make sure you all are not freaking out, I did call my mother as SOON as I got to the hotel. I apologized several times for not calling earlier, and explained how the fans made it practically impossible to have anytime to do so.

At the hotel, it was really late already. Everyone was deciding who got what rooms.

"I will be sharing a room with Laur!" John yelled, hugging me like a small child.

I was ready to kill this guy, a Beatle or not. "Not over my dead body, Lennon." I tried to push him off of me, but he didn't budge.

Then Paul stepped in, "Come on John, you can share a room with me." The two dragged their luggage to the one room down the hall. As Paul passed me, I mouthed out the words 'thank you so much'. He nodded as if to say, no problem.

"Then how about you and I share one Rings?" George suggested. He started lugging his luggage to the room next door.

"Alright buddy!" Ringo agreed, following behind him. He then turned around towards me waving. "Good night, Lauren."

I smiled back, "Good night Ringo, you too George." For maybe the second time or third ever, George Harrison actually seemed happy with me.

I Feel Fine Chp. 3 by ArtisticIngenuity

/ / / / / ©2011-2015 ArtisticIngenuity
This took a while, but i enjoyed writing it. It's a bit longer than the other 2 chapters. I also put my friend :iconbabbelingholbrook: as the female reporters because I know how she loves to write and her fanfic series: Don't Pass Me By.

Tell me what you think!

I dont own neither the preview picture nor the beatles no matter how much i may wish i did.
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