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July 10, 2011
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The next morning, I woke up early in my hotel room, fully rested and refreshed. I did a quick stretch; then got out of my bed. Getting dressed, I grabbed some casual wear from my suitcase. I was wearing a maroon colored, short sleeved shirt. On the shirt was this logo of a designer company. I chose to match it with a pair of black corduroy pants. Very casual. After that, I briefly straightened my hair in the bathroom. I've got to look at least somewhat decent when going down to the lobby to get breakfast.

When I reached the lobby, I bought a newspaper that came out today. Guess what the top story was? "New talent along with the Fab Four" aka me! It was great! I couldn't wait to show Ringo. Basically, it was about how I'm traveling with the Beatles and why. Now back to what was going on. I headed to the café that was within the hotel. There I snatched some chow for breakfast, taking the bag back up to my room.

On the way back to the room, I somehow ran into George in the hallway. "George, guess what? I'm in the paper! See?" I held up the newspaper in front of him, showing the huge grin across my face.

All he did was look up, giving no attention to me whatsoever. "Cool," he said coldly, about to walk away.

"Alright," I shouted at him. "Do you have a problem with me or something? You act like you hate me ever since the concert at the Cavern ended!" I was almost on the brink of tears, because of how he's treated me.

Abruptly, he turned around, pinning me against the wall. His hair was covering his eyes a tad, as his head moved closer towards me. "What are you doing-" I managed to get out before he kissed me. My bag of food dropped to the floor. A tear rolled down my cheek just as I closed my eyes so the situation wasn't even more insane then it already was. Soon, he slowly broke away from my lips. He then just walked away, without saying a word.

I called out his name, trying to get him to turn around, but that didn't happen. "George! Hey, George!!" He just continued to walk down the hall.

Trying to figure out what happened; I picked up my things and headed to my room. Once I was back, I sat on my bed turning on the TV. Then I took out my breakfast, crying as I ate it. What was going on?!

Just then, Ringo knocked on my door. "Hey Lauren, may I come in?"

I replied back saying, "Sure," while wiping my face of all tears.

He opened the door, peeking his head in. I tried the best I could to laugh, but he noticed that something was off. "I was wondering if you would like to- Are you alright?" Ringo opened the door completely, coming inside. He was wearing the usual Beatle attire. Sitting down on my bed, he suddenly became very concerned.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm perfectly fine!" I lied, forcing a smile. After that I took another bite of food. "What could be wrong?"

"Something happened with George, am I right?" He guessed while looking me in the eye.

I put my face down on my knees, trying not to tear up, "No…" Ringo inched closer, using his hand to wipe the single tear running down my cheek. I couldn't handle it. "Okay, yes. I don't know anymore. He hates me, and then all of a sudden he kisses me! I'm just so confused."

"Well… Do you 'like' him?" Ringo muttered. I'm not sure why, but his face looked so serious. That was a first.

"Um, I suppose." I started saying. "Although, I care about everyone here because you're all my friends. So how can I not?" I tried to make it sound like I didn't have any specific feelings for anyone.

"So not just certain feelings for one person?" The boy said, taking my hand to comfort me further.

"Um… I'm not sure. Haven't really thought about that," I said somewhat embarrassed. Crap, I thought, this was going to become really complicated.

He just laughed it off, taking out something from his bag. "How about we chow down? Even though I already see that you have." He made this face at the plate of food on my plate that was on the other side of my bed.

I could help myself, I just had to giggle. Thank you, Ringo. You could always cheer me up.

Together we sat in my room, eating and watching cartoons. It really helped me feel better, until everyone else barged in about an hour later. They all came up from the café and they were going to head into the city in a little while, wanting to know if we would like to tag along.

There wasn't even a knock on the door, so it was definitely John rushing in first. He rapidly swung the door open without warning. "HEY LAUREN, Want to come shopping with us in the city?" he yelled. Subsequently, he saw Ringo in the room so he couldn't resist saying, "Awe! Look at the two love birds!" John held his hands together making a dreamy look.

Just as I was about to smack Lennon upside the head, Paul and George came in interested in what was going on. "What the bloody hell is going on?" George hollered walking in. He saw Ringo sitting next to me and gave me a look which said, looks like you still don't understand.

Paul was close behind, "Hey you guys coming to the city with us?" He lowered his sunglasses. They were all in the usual Beatles wear.

"The city? Sounds good to me. Care to join us?" Ringo asked putting on a little puppy face.

He was just too cute, I couldn't resist. "Alright. I'll tag along, but if any girls start to attack me, I'm using Lennon as a shield," I smirked.

The kid almost freaked out, "Why me? Wouldn't you rather have George or Ringo be your shield?"

I went red in the face, walking out of my room. "Let's just go, okay?" I began walking down the hall.

Everyone chuckled silently to themselves in my room. "She's something," John cracked.

Ringo got up from my bed and turned to him, "Yeah. She really is." Smiling he left the room to follow me down to the lobby. The rest of the boys were still in there.

Paul spun around to face John and George. "Ready to go?" They headed out the door, walking down the hallway. "You alright George?" He said worried.

"Don't be so down in the dumps just because Ringo is giving you a run for your money!" John patted him on the back attempting to encourage him. "You still have a chance! I mean, who could resist those fangs you have? You're like Count Dracula!"

George beamed slightly, shaking his head and showing his 'fangs'. "Thanks John."

I running up the stairs, "You guys coming or what? Let's go shopping!" At that moment, I walked back down the stairs, jumping for joy.

While the rest of the boys and I came down to the lobby, Ringo called over a cab. This time, I sat in the front with John while the rest were in the back. Why I was stuck in the front with John? I have no clue, but I was ready to shoot him. He wouldn't stop harassing the driver as usual, which I don't mind. This time though, I was in-between him and the driver, which was pure torture. Luckily for me, the ride wasn't too long because we were just heading to a random store. Then we would walk around the city from there.

The cab finally stopped in front of a clothing store and we all got out. Paul paid the driver, even giving him a tip. He was so kind.

Inside the store, it was filled with tons of styles of clothing. From classy to punk, they had everything you could think of. Because of this, everyone separated once we looked around. Paul was going to search for some more Beatles apparel for their upcoming concerts, John was taking a glance at some of the casual clothing, George seemed interested in some of the shoes that were available, and Ringo was trying on a variety of headgear. Me? I was planning to buy some more clothes of course.

I was in the women's section, taking a look at some cute tops. Choosing a few that I liked, I held them in my arm. While there, I also to a peek at their jackets/dresses. In time, I noticed that Paul was in the same part of the store as me, and it wasn't the men's section.

"Uh Paul, why are you in the women's section of the store?" I said puzzled.

Paul directed his gaze from the blouses to me. His hands were full of clothes. "Oh, I was looking for something for you to match our clothing, considering you may perform with us. Got to be prepared you know."

"Oh really, that's actually a good idea. Thank Paul!" I said cheerfully as I went through some hats that were close by. I decided to take an apple hat, adding it to my pile of things to purchase.

"No problem, Lauren. It's the least I can do," he explained. After that he smiled gently, heading to the cash register.

All of a sudden, I heard a screech from outside the store. "OH MY GOD! IS THAT PAUL MCCARTNEY!" Then I heard someone else scream, "IT'S THE BEATLES!" I swear there must've been some kind of Beatles maniac convention nearby because within seconds, there were hundreds of girls outside the shop.

"Oh crap," John spoke, "Come on boys, and Lauren, let's quickly check out and get out of here!" He ran to the cash register, paying for his apparel. Soon after, Ringo, George, and I followed doing the same.

The cashier clearly understood our situation. He told us to go through the back door as he pointed to the back of the shop. We all ran towards the door carrying our huge bags of stuff. Out of everyone, it was probably Paul that had the most. Haha.

When the band and I reached outside, we heard another scream from the opposite corner of the side walk. "There they are!" Afterward, a smaller group of people who actually heard her came pacing down the street. We all turned to each other with our mouths wide open in alarm.

"Time to split! Run!" Ringo shouted. The group all did a quick nod to each other and we ran like hell down the streets of New York…
Hope ya all like Chapter 4. As you can see, I made George the silent yet seductive type, Paul the best friend type, John the witty, annoying type, and ringo the sweet type :dummy: ahaha

thanks for all feed back :D

I do not own the beatles or the preview pic no matter how much i wish i did :d haha
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silent..........though seductive.......yes, very,very seductive.. Nod he's so much better than Edward Cullen.
RainbowCrash77 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why I was stuck in the front with John? I have no clue, but I was ready to shoot him.
JK but I had to curl into a ball and calm down at the pinning-to-the-wall part. :iconilavplz:
ArtisticIngenuity Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
haha i'm glad you enjoyed it :meow:
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LilMissMusicGirl96 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this story! I feel bad for George though..
ArtisticIngenuity Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
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crazy4beatles Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Student General Artist
:iconilavplz: This is fantastic so far!!
It all flows very nicely and the details are great!
ArtisticIngenuity Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you SO much for this comment and all of the other feedback, it's very kind of you! :dummy: I'm glad you are enjoying them!
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