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It was starting to get dark, and we all left the ice cream shop, trying to avoid any more photo shoots with the fans. It took FOREVER just waiting for Ringo and some of the other boys to finish up. I didn't even start talking to some of them until we left that it was so bad. Not to mention some girls were attempting to follow us out the door, or at least keep me from leaving. One of them managed to scrape my left arm. Talk about jealous.

We were waiting for John to get a cab over, as we all were talking. "Lauren, is your arm alright? I noticed that some of the girls got rough with you," Paul said concerned of me.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I replied looking at my arm. It was bleeding a bit and a little swollen. Then, I covered it with my hand so no one would worry.

"Really? Then why are you covering it with your hand?" John asked being nosy. He looked back to the streets to get a cab to take us back to the hotel.

"I always do this," I replied.

"Not when you have shopping bags with you," Ringo said. "Here let me take a look." There he slowly took my hand off my arm, noticing the blood. If you hadn't already guessed, my heart rate sky rocketed. "Laurie, you're not fine. You're bleeding." Ringo went for a small rag in his shirt pocket.

Laurie? I'm going to be teasing him about that later. "Ringo, don't worry about it, I'm fine. See?" I attempted to convince him, putting a smile on my face.

"Oh come on, Laurie, just go along with it," John teased. A cab was starting to come our way.

"Oh ram it, John," I remarked. "Ow." My arm was starting to ache a bit.

It was partly because Ringo had started wrapping a rag around my arm. "Here, this will stop the bleeding a bit until we get back to the hotel," he explained.

"Oh…okay." I was pretty much speechless.

Suddenly, when I heard the cab parking I turned around, only to be face to face with George. "Hey, the cab's here," he pointed out. He was giving me a dreamy kind of look.

Overwhelmed by what occurred this morning, I quickly replied, "Alright. Let's go then." This was followed by me getting into the back of the cab, along with Paul and Ringo. George joined John in the front with the driver.

The drive was short and silent. The only conversation going on was between John and the driver as usual. Occasionally, George would glance back to see what was going on, which was really nothing at all. Paul was listening to the radio station that was on in the car, Ringo was staring out the window with his hand holding something in his pocket, and I was just sitting there, holding my arm because there was nothing else to do.

When we arrived at the hotel, Brian Epstein was impatiently waiting there for us. "Boys, where were you? You should've been here fifteen minutes ago!"

John got out of the cab saying, "Oh lighten up, Brian. We're here aren't we?" He then picked up the bag which held the items he bought.

Paul, followed by the rest of us got out of the car. "My apologies Brian; by that John means that there were some fans we had to deal with, and it took a while to get a cab."

"Well we can't help that," Brian moved on to the next subject. "We'll be going out to dinner tonight with Cynthia and some friends of mine. So head upstairs to get ready to go. We will have to leave in about two hours."

"Oh splendid! I can't wait! I call the showers first!" John jumped for joy, heading up to the room as fast as he could.

"Just don't drag your shopping bags in with you," George chuckled as he carried his bags to the door of the hotel. We laughed slightly along.

"This should be exciting. A nice way to end the day before the Ed Sullivan show tomorrow," Ringo agreed. He was grabbing some of his bags that were in the trunk.

"Oh yeah. I'll get to wear a pretty dress, yay," I said sarcastically and George smiled. I wish I could've had at least a little time to worry about what's been happening lately.

"Don't worry, it'll be fun. I guarantee it," he encouraged as we entered the building.

"Come on everybody," Paul waved, "let's head hurry before we are stuck here with more fan girls."

The three of us nodded back, and we headed up to the rooms. When we reached our floor, you could hear John singing from the shower. It was a faint sound so there weren't huge crowds outside our floor. Did I mention that we managed to rent out the whole floor? Yeah, the Beatles are capable of doing that and they just adore them here at the Plaza Hotel. So we basically had over six rooms to ourselves.

I was laughing so hard from John's outburst of song that I accidentally hit my arm against the wall while we walked to our rooms. "Ow!" I yelled trying to endure the pain. I was right the door of my room.

"Are you okay?" George fretted, putting his hand on my shoulder from behind. He looked at my arm.

I stiffened up straight, "I-I'm fine. T-thanks George." I opened up my door, put my bags on a dresser and then firmly shut the door. I felt bad for just leaving him there, but I didn't want to have to be in a complicated situation like this. Especially between two Beatle boys. That would just thrill the press.

I laid out this blue dress. It was strapless, with its length down to about my knees. Towards the bottom of the dress, it transitioned to a purplish color. My mom had bought it for me for this graduation dance at middle school last May.

After, I took a quick shower, and I was about to curl my hair when someone knocked on the door. "Hey, Lauren, it's Ringo. I brought some bandages for your arm."

"Oh just a minute!" I shouted from my bathroom. I put a towel on, coming out from the bathroom to open the door. "Hey Ringo, or should I call you Ritchie?" I said jokingly. I thought he almost had a nosebleed from either what I just said, or the point that I was practically naked.

"Ritchie?" he blushed walking in. "Why Ritchie?" He started unrolling the bandages and wrapping my arm. I noticed him taking sudden glances at me then back. You could tell that he was a little nervous.

"Because you called me Laurie. It's only fair," I explained. Giving him a little smile, he almost went crazy considering the bandage unexpectedly got tighter. "Ow, Ringo. I was only joking."

He snapped back to reality, "Oh I'm sorry!" Ringo continued to wrap the bandage, trying to become more focused. "I was just… distracted."

I giggled, knowing what he meant. He smiled back, finishing up his doctor duties. "So I guess I'll see you soon," I said as I stood up.

"Yeah, you will," he replied, kissing the part of my left arm where the bandage was. He waved happily, leaving my room to go prepare himself for dinner tonight.

I'll do it tonight, he thought. Let's just hope it goes well. He couldn't wait anymore.

"Hey Rings, you can get in the shower now," George called from the doorway of their room. He noticed Ringo was just in my room.

"Coming!" He replied, trotting over into their room.

George was leaning against a dresser, hands in his pockets when he asked, "So what were you doing… in Lauren's room?"

Ringo looked up at him with an intrigued look. "I just brought her some bandages." He then chose his collar shirt and tie from a drawer, laying them on the dresser.
"Oh that's a relief," George sneered, "I saw you looking at the ring you bought. I thought she turned you down." He laughed, truly knowing that he wasn't relieved, not yet.

"I'm going to ask her tonight at dinner," Ringo explained as a sweet smile appeared across his face. He grabbed a towel, heading into the bathroom. "Wish me luck." He then closed the door.

As soon as George heard the water start he mumbled, "You'll need it," while he gently held up the garnet hearts, dangling on the small chain.

Before you know it, I was all ready to go. My hair was curled; I had my dress on, a pinch of makeup, and black flats. I decided to wear a small, black jacket over my dress so I would look more mature, especially if the press was there. Soon, Brian Epstein knocked on my door to tell me five minutes until we leave. As a result, I headed out of my room to go find the boys.

They were sitting on couch chairs near the end of the hall. "Hello," I greeted them. All four boys were wearing suits, nothing new really. They gave me a look of awe, examining me head to toe.

John sprawled up, "Not too shabby, Lauren. You actually look decent." How do you think Cynthia will react if John comes to dinner with a black eye?

"I'm surprised Lennon," I started my comeback, "for once you don't look like a shaggy dog." The rest of the boys laughed, even giving me some high fives.

"Alright," Paul interjected, "Let's try to behave. You look absolutely fine, both of you." Oh Paul, trying to be the median of the group. How kind, but that's never going to cease the bantering unfortunately.

"Okay," John pouted.

I had a smile on my face, which totally said victory. "That's fine with me."

"Did you buy that dress today?" George asked, practically drooling.

"U-um no, actually my mom got it for me last year. It was a graduation dress," I replied.

Surprised, George said, "Oh really, because it looks brand new. It's very stunning." He smiled and Ringo saw my face go beat red. He wanted to compliment me too to make him envious.

"L-Lauren, you look beautiful this evening," he said nervously.

"O-oh, um, thanks Ringo," I replied with a little grin. George turned away, hiding his jealousy.

"What about me? How do I look?" John asked, taking a pose. He looked like he was trying to be a fashion model.

"Horrible," we all said at the same time. The four of us began to snicker while John went all diva. It was priceless.

Brian Epstein entered in. "Okay, okay boys, enough talking about who's pretty and let's get to the car. We can't keep everyone else waiting." He headed into the elevator and we all followed.

We finally made it to the parking lot of the hotel. Getting to the sides of the car, Brian caught the keys that Paul tossed over. "Wait, you had keys?!" John complained, "Then why did we get taxi cabs before?" Everyone turned, giving Paul a bundle of glares.

"Paul had keys?" George said as he got into the car. "Then we wouldn't have had to be chased by those girls!"

"Yeah," Ringo and I said in unison. "Thanks SO much Paul." We sat down in the back seats along with George, buckling up.

"Sorry," he apologized, "I forgot about them…" He was in the passenger seats with Brian.

"That's bull, more like he didn't want us to know," George whispered, as we all laughed. He really seemed to be opening up now. George was still quiet, yet he has been talking a bit more. It made life somewhat relieving.

Soon enough, Brian pulled out of the parking lot, heading towards the restaurant. Just the usual bantering and stuff, I thought looking back and forth between Ringo and George. They both grinned at me happily. Nothing too crazy yet, but that's probably going to change. Won't it? Because that's just my luck.

I Feel Fine Chp. 6 by ArtisticIngenuity

/ / / / / ©2011-2015 ArtisticIngenuity
I know, sorry for all the beatles stuff! I promise, I'll try to have more drawings up soon! (and it wont all be beatles i hope) ^^;

It'll mostly be ATs and a contest entry. Then hopefully when i finish that, I can start the 100 theme beatles challenge and draw more TTOD and stuff that i want. Maybe another manga series idea. idk.

I hope i get some inspiration for TTOD Chp 9, cuz i feel bad not posting anything up yet. i feel like i'm almost ditching the series.

Anyway, I've been very busy with drawings the i have to finish, but i'll try my best to work on these chapters!

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