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August 1, 2011
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It's a good thing we left early because by the time we arrived, the place was filled with screaming Beatle maniacs trying to meet their future 'husbands'. Luckily, some of the policemen managed to keep them back. We snuck in through the back of the place, dragging in all the equipment behind us. Trust me, not fun, especially when you practically have a death by cymbal.

Paul and John carried cases which held their guitars. The two walked through the door first, followed by Ringo. He was carrying the snare drum and ride cymbal. I was right behind him helping out by lifting an amp. George was last, with another one of Ringo's cymbals.

Being in between the two of them kind of frightened me. George leaned forward to taunt me. "Don't drop the amp, Laur." He gave a slight grin, baring his tiny fangs. Neither of the boys could see this, but my cheeks got a little red.

I turned to him walking through the doorway. Then I commented, "I won't! Ow!" I hit the cymbal he was hauling with my head. Total blond moment.

George chuckled, as Ringo turned around accidentally whapping me with the ride cymbal. "Lauren? Oh my God, are you okay? I'm sorry!"

I almost dropped the amp in pain, but luckily I managed to place it with the rest of the equipment. Rubbing my head, I said, "Yeah, I'm alright. It's just a little scratch."

Ringo placed the drum and cymbal down on the floor; then kissed my forehead where it hurt. "Does that help?"

"Yeah," I smiled.

"You hurt yourself too much missy," John chortled into a microphone.

"Well at least I'm not a dumbass like you. It's not too smart to be talking into a mike before the show starts. May rattle the fans up." Ringo grinned at the comment. There was an exchange of some high fives here and there.

"And you're dating HER? She's just plain harsh." John stormed off, passing Paul.

Paul soon joined us asking, "What just happened?" His head tilted a bit to one side, somewhat clueless.

George looked over at him. "John got owned. Big time."

John looked back as he saw the rest of his mates laughing along.

Eventually, we all got the equipment set up and ready to go. Brian had the boys and I change before we met Ed Sullivan. I was given a blouse and pants that Paul had bought at in New York. I don't know why I had to change though; meaning over hundreds of girls will probably throw a riot if I perform for a son instead of Ringo. But hey, I wasn't going to argue with them. If I get killed it's their fault.

Once I finally came out of the dressing room, Brian escorted us over to meet Mr. Sullivan. He was a somewhat short, middle aged man, with very short hair. What he wore was a suit and tie (as expected). Mr. Sullivan seemed like a more carefree, relaxed man.

He was talking to the stage managers when we came over. "Alright, so we'll be there. So when they arrive, set up the equipment a few feet behind that. Then make sure the lighting will be centered about there."

"Right on it sir!" The Manager saluted, as he walked away talking on his earpiece.

Mr. Sullivan turned around, mumbling to himself about what to do next. At least until he noticed us all there standing behind him. "Boys, Boys, Boys! Oh, it's great to finally meet you all." He began shaking everyone's hands.

"Hey, don't be giving away what we may be singin'," John joked, shaking his hand wildly.

The show host laughed, "That's some handshake you got there. Nice to meet you." Next he went down to Paul. "Hello there McCartney."

"That's not McCartney, it's McCharmly," John couldn't shut up. He never does.

"I apologize for John. He's not really right in the head if you know what I mean." Paul put up his hand to cover his gesture of saying that John was loopy.

Ed sneered. "It's quite alright. I've been told what he was like." The rest of us laughed, knowing that it was true.

"Hello, George Harrison," Ed Sullivan smiled, shaking his hand.

He nodded back with a grin and headed to the cases to get some equipment out. Mr. Sullivan then went to Ringo.

"That means you must be the famous Ringo," he laughed, welcoming him. "It's good to meet you."

Ringo chortled, "I'm not sure about famous… just more talented." I also giggled along with Ed. We kept chatting a little until he finally noticed the little bird that was with them.

"Oh, and who may this be?" Ed Sullivan wondered. He turned towards the boys while they were setting up their instruments.

Suddenly, John ran up, pouncing onto Ed. "Oh bloody hell! A fan snuck in! Call security!!" He continued acting like a scared little boy.

Mr. Sullivan was grabbing his phone out his pocket to do just that. Before he got the chance to press the send button, George closed the phone and hit John up beside the head. "This isn't a fan you nit. Sorry, Ed, but she's with us. This is Lauren…my…urg…"

Ringo was starting to get angry, so I stepped in front of them, finishing George's sentence. "Friend. I'm an artist and a drummer. It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Sullivan."

"Yeah, don't be calling the cops on my girlfriend buddy," Ringo laughed to himself, hurting on the inside.

"Oh, my apologies. It's great to meet you as well, and please call me Ed." Ed smiled happily. "So will this fine lady be a part of the show today boys?"

"If she wants," Ringo wrapped his one arm around my shoulders. I noticed him shooting a quick glance for George's reaction. He was steamed.

"Yeah." George began walking away, with a look of disgust. I periodically looked over at him to see if he was alright. He was just strumming a little tune, which sounded beautiful. He must have been writing a song. George looked so content with his guitar, but the heartbroken feelings of jealousy, love, and anger returned whenever we looked at each other. Talk about being pissed at me once again!

Paul went over to him, trying to figure out what was the matter. He watched as he hummed a little song in the making. "You alright?"

He continued playing, not even taking a second to look up. "I'm fine."

"No you're not," Paul sat down beside him. "You're upset with Lauren again, aren't you?"

George finally looked up, tears cluttering his vision. "No. I'm not. I just love her, and… I just can't stand him being with her. I can't stop thinking about her, even though she probably hates me now."

Paul gave him a little hug, handing him his handkerchief. "You know that's absurd. Of course she doesn't hate you. Well, she might after you've been so mood swingy ever since you met her. Not to mention what almost happened last night But anyway, just be yourself, and if you play your cards right, things will turn out for the better."

The guitarist sniffled a bit, standing up. "Thanks Paul. I think I know what to do." Then he returned to where the rest of us stood.
"No problem," Paul waved. Why did I just say that? I'm not feeling fine anymore, he thought. I'm going to have to talk to them about this eventually. This boy grabbed his bass and began to tune away…

Everyone was pleading to their manager, Brian Epstein, to let me perform. I really don't see what the big fuss was all about though.

"Oh come on Brian, if the security won't get her, the fans most definitely will! I'll even throw her into the crowd. For no price whatsoever!"

For the second time today, John The Jack Ass Lennon got slapped upside the head. "Oh shut up! I'll throw you into the crowd, and you'll be never coming back." I cracked at him. I saw the boys' faces lighten up a bit.

Brian just totally killed the mood. That's business for you. "No, she won't. Not with all these crazy fans. Imagine what they would do if she did, or if they found out about her and Ringo. Absolutely not." That didn't stop John from complaining. Fortunately, Paul was able to change the subject.

"Don't worry, if you want, we can sneak her on for the final number," George whispered to Ringo in an attempt to be friendly.

"Thanks, but I'm sure everything will be fine." Ringo kind of gave him the cold shoulder. "You don't have to be nice to me just to get to Lauren, you know." He looked at George with a sincere look of unhappiness, and then reverted back to the conversation.

George quietly mumbled, "I'm sorry…" He couldn't see it, but Ringo's face lit up in surprise.

Seeing them both in conversation with each other, I got worried. So here's what I decided to do. I went in between the two of them, slipping each of my hands around their arms. Next, I got all Paul faced saying, "Come on guys, the show's about to start!" I tugged their arms in order to bring them over to the side of the stage to finish prepping. They followed, each having a weird expression on their faces as they looked back and forth between each other and me.

Hey, got to have a little fun you know? 

Before you know it, Ed had begun the show. We were all waiting for the big welcoming announcement. The boys talked and laughed backstage, while I was watching the show. "Now yesterday and today our theater's been jammed with newspapermen and hundreds of photographers from all over the nation, and these veterans agreed with me that the city never has the excitement stirred by these youngsters from Liverpool, who call themselves The Beatles. Now tonight, you're gonna twice be entertained by them. Right now, and again in the second half of our show. Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles. Let's bring them on." The man gestured the boys out onto the stage, as they lightly trotted out. The crowds of fans were screaming with excitement.

Right before Ringo when out, he kissed my cheek. "Wish me luck," he smiled.

I blushed slightly. "Good luck." Then I grinned back as he took his place with the others. I noticed George giving me another look.

I won't bore you with every bit of the conversation that they had, I'll just skip to the concert part of the show. The band started out by playing: All My Loving which was sung by Paul. Apparently he wrote it for a girl that he met while at an interview a while back. Next up was, til there Was You. This was quite the crowd pleaser. Third, was She Loves You, and talk about a favorite. All the girls were singing along with this one. After that song was I Saw Her Standing There. This was the same song that I first performed ever at the Cavern Club. Finally, came the big number.

"All right, All right. For our final number…" Paul started to say but was interrupted by the cheering fans. "Shhh. I know." He gestured them to calm down. Unfortunately, they got rowdy again.

"Shut up while Paul is talking," John shouted into his microphone. The crowd laughed as if he was joking. Paul just nodded with that grin of his.

"Thanks," he said. "Now this last number is called: I Want to hold Your Hand. And I would like to welcome a new friend of ours! So please welcome her out!" Paul and John clapped followed by everyone else. Apparently, I'm performing on the Ed Sullivan Show now. The fan girls will just ADORE this won't they?

"Absolutely not. I forbid this. Lauren, do not go out there. Understand?" Brian told me, seeing what the boys were trying to do.

I nodded my head in agreement. "Don't worry Mr. Epstein, I won't." I looked back at all the boys that were waiting for me to come out. They kept mouthing to me to coming out as John kept the crowd going. I shook my head back, pointing at Brian to show that I wasn't allowed to.

Just as Ringo was about to get up from his seat on the drum set, George walked over gesturing that he'll take care of it. Ringo watched him carefully. When he got over to the side of the stage –which wasn't far at all- he held his hand out towards me. "Here, come show them what you got."

For once he seemed friendly. Okay, what have you done with George? "You know I can't. Brian said so." I tried to convince him.

"Not if I can't help it. Now come on, we're all waiting. I promise nothing will happen," He whispered. The young boy grabbed my hand, pulling me out onto the stage. You could tell some of the girls were furious with me. How dare I breathe the same air, or even be near their precious boys. Bleh. Someone shoot me please.

"Oh come on ladies," John beamed, "Show some enthusiasm!" For once, he was actually trying to help me. He actually got some of the girls cheering again. He gave me a thumbs up.

I went up to the set where Ringo was. He was getting up from the seat, handing me his drumsticks. They were warm from his grip. "Wish me luck," I smiled. I would've kissed his cheek, but I didn't dare with the crowd. I'd get shot on the balcony of the hotel the next morning.

He nodded. "Good luck. And don't worry, everything will be fine." Ringo stood not too far away from where I was.

Is it a coincidence that they are telling me the same thing?
Hope you all like Chp 9! It [probably would've of been out a day or two later but my buddy bugged me to complete it haha. so here you go.


nikki, you're indirectly mentioned :)

Still need like two more people! Don't be shy!
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